Covenant Community Cares Dedication In 2013

The statistics are in! Click below to read the list of all of the care that the dedicated team of Covenant Community Care provided.

  • We cared for 15,724 people last year.
  • We cared for the oral health needs of 7,400 people.
  • We cared for 5,262 children.
  • We cared for 1,098 uninsured children and 6,636 uninsured adults.
  • We cared for 835 homeless individuals.
  • We cared for 1,573 people with diabetes, 676 people with asthma, 2,256 people with hypertension and 435 people with heart disease.
  • We provided 794 HIV tests.
  • We helped 103 babies come into this world and take their first breath.

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