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  • Team Receives Grant Award for Home Health

Beyond the Walls Campaign

We Made It! $20,000 Raised!

Over the weekend we hit our $10,000 YouCaring crowdfunding goal! Including the $10,000 matching gift from Covenant Ministries of Benevolence, we raised $20,000 for those who need it most! Thank you to all those who supported this effort!

All money raised will go directly to the following work:

  1. The Homeless Outreach Team serving daily on the streets of Detroit, providing care to people where they are at (under highway overpasses, in broken down trailers, in abandoned buildings, and in hidden urban encampments), working with them to navigate the present day healthcare system, and dispelling the obstacles of anxiety, fear, and doubt
  2. The MI Care Team providing specialized care and support to patients dealing with multiple chronic health conditions through an innovative care team that includes Community Health Workers offering in-home assessment and care
  3. Other Outreach staff helping and advocating for our patients with regard to health insurance plans as well as other community resources