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COVID 19 Testing & Return to Work form:

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Education & Training


Athena Training Videos
Phone FAQs
Polycom Phone Reference Card
Polycom Phone Extended Reference Card
Voice Services Quick Reference
UC-One iPhone Setup
UC-One iPhone Quick Reference Guide
UC-One Android Setup
UC-One Android Quick Reference Guide
Microsoft Excel create your first workbook
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Support & Help Desk




For all facility related requests please submit a ticket using the below link. 

If your request is IT related please submit a form by selecting the IT SUPPORT TAB above and following the instructions.

Facility Support Request

IT Support


For computer and phone support call Extension 1372 or 1373 or send an email to


IT Ticket Creation


IMPORTANT: PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT ANY HIPAA PROTECTED PATIENT’S HEALTH INFORMATION (such as Patient Name, Date of Birth, SSN, Address, Clinical information etc) when submitting tickets to the ticketing email – itsupport@covenantcommunitycare

Any sensitive information sent to this email leaves Covenants server system and is no longer protected. If your ticket involves patient information, you should submit tickets directly to Help Desk Agents either VIA a direct email or over the phone.

Create an IT Service Ticket

Phone Issues


When submitting a ticket pertaining to issues with your phone systems please include the following information. The time that the phone called occurred, if the phone call was internal or external, if the call was received via the queue or directly to your personal extension, the phone number that you were connected to, and the phone number that you received of made the call from. This information will help us to work with Telnet to discover what caused the issue. Thank you!

Remote Support Assistance


If you would like remote support assistance with your computer issue please download, and run the link below. Upon completion you will be presented with and ID and password, when you have this information please call the help desk at 1372 or 1373 for assistance. Thank you!

TeamViewer | Remote Support




Security Reminder


All staff should only access these resources for APPROPRIATE BUSINESS PURPOSES. Only managers and providers may access Epic from home.

For hourly staff it is okay to access any of the office links from home / from off-site as long as it is to check your schedule / time card / paycheck or for brief correspondence. Otherwise, please do it while punched in and working.

IMPORTANT: Do not access any of these computing resources from a non-CCC computer unless you are sure that the computer you are using has working, up-to-date antivirus.

If you need assistance, please consult with the CCC IT Department.