Elizabeth Romero: Patient Story

By Meg LeDuc

Covenant Community Care building image
Elizabeth Romero proudly boosts her four-month-old baby in her arms. The little girl blinks sleepily as her mother spells out her name for the translator: Yanaphet.

Though thriving now, Yanaphet was born in difficult circumstances. Covenant doctors diagnosed Romero with diabetes early in her pregnancy. They instructed her to eat healthier and exercise and prescribed medication. Romero has since lost weight and lowered her cholesterol.

Nonetheless, Romero was ordered on bed rest for the last few weeks of her pregnancy. Yanaphet was born a month premature. Through it all, Romero was cared for by Covenant doctors. Since her birth, Yanaphet has gotten regular pediatric care at Waterman Health Center. Romero says that her daughter’s pediatrician takes time for her daughter, is thorough, and truly cares about her well-being.

Before her pregnancy, Romero was without health insurance. A Covenant social worker helped her fill out the paperwork necessary to obtain Medicaid coverage for her and Yanaphet. Romero’s two older daughters, ten and seven years-old, are being treated by a Covenant nutritionist as well as a Covenant pediatrician.

Romero, who doesn’t have a car, appreciates that she can go to Waterman and keep appointments with both a pediatrician and a doctor. She says that if it weren’t for Covenant she simply wouldn’t go to the doctor.


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