QoL Pharmacy and Covenant Community Care Cut the Ribbon on Pharmacy Services


Improving the quality of life is the business of Covenant Community Care and Southwest Solutions Counseling Services. Taking that business seriously, we cut the ribbon on a partnership with the pharmacy QoL Meds which stands for Quality of Life. QoL Meds is now located in both the Michigan Avenue and Waterman clinics.

Imagine: What if a doctor could talk to her patient’s pharmacist? What if a social worker could check with a pharmacist to see whether a patient with problems managing prescriptions had filled them or needed new ones? What if the doctor’s office and the pharmacy were housed under one roof, so that patients with transportation problems had one less stop to make? What if all this were available for the competitive rates found at discount pharmacies? It is all possible now!

Paul Mwicharo, the pharmacy manager at the newest branch of QoL Meds at 5716 Michigan Avenue in Southwest Detroit, explains, referring to Covenant, Southwest Solutions, and QoL: “We put a full health-care team together—doctor, nurse, social worker, and pharmacist. The patient gets a full combo of care.” QoL Meds is a for-profit pharmacy with a track-record of operating in nonprofit settings, particularly behavioral healthcare facilities. According to Gabriel Santry of QoL Meds, the outcomes are better when you build on strengths where the staff can concentrate on providing patient care and the pharmacy assists by managing medication, handling insurance issues and offering affordable prices for low income people.

Mwicharo says, “Most of the patients I’ve seen so are bilingual and without insurance. They’re getting the $4 prescription rate. They’re very, very happy we have a pharmacy here.” Many patients have transportation problems and Mwicharo saves them the headache and expense of another trip. He points out that he is willing to negotiate with customers. “If a patient can’t pay for their medication, we work with them. If they’re getting paid next week, then they can pay next week.”

The quality of life is improving in Southwest Detroit. Watch and see, there is promise of more to come!

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