City Light is Pulling for Covenant Community Care


Covenant Community Care has taken to the streets once again, serving those most in need of health care in metro Detroit.  This has been made possible in part through a generous donation of a 3500 Dodge Ram truck from City Light which is used to tow fully equipped medical and dental trailers.

The ministry began in 2011 with a “what if” question. What if we had mobile units that would go around the city bringing health care to those who need it most? What if we brought it right in their neighborhood, where they live and work, go to school and church? What if it was free? And what if we were able to connect people to a health center that would become their “medical home”?  Wouldn’t we have a healthier community? With treatment, proper medicine and access to care wouldn’t we see fewer trips to the emergency rooms in our hospitals – freeing the ER to be just that an “emergency room”?  The what if, became a why not? Why not, led to how so?

And the answer to that was generosity! The generosity demonstrated by City Light, and The Lloyd and Mable Johnson Foundation, Dick Scott Automotive, churches, civic organizations, and individuals who contributed financially.  The generosity of 500 dentists, doctors, medical personnel and lay people who volunteered from Easter through Pentecost contributing over 6,000 volunteer hours. The generosity shown by community partners and churches who supported 17 service sites over the course of 40 days, a grassy field, a city park, a church parking lot. The generosity displayed by food banks and pantries that contributed food and water for the volunteers and community.

The results speak for themselves, 2,400 people were served. Life-threatening heart conditions were detected and treated, sometimes sending the patient to be admitted to the hospital. A tooth extraction released a sinus infection, held in check by the tooth that may have otherwise led to death. Proper vision is restored with an examination and corrective lenses, bringing clarity and “edges” back into view. The wide-eyed look and brilliant smile said, “I can see again.”

The message of Jesus is so clear in this ministry, feed the hungry, heal the sick and the poor have the gospel preached to them. The Gospel is that all are welcome, all are children of God, all have dignity and deserve respect, and all are loved and cared for regardless of their ability to pay.

The trailers are on the move; below is the schedule for 2012. You are most welcome, to climb aboard wherever you feel most comfortable, give time, give money, pray for the mission, donate food or supplies or just come and see the glory of God revealed in the healing ministry of Covenant Community Care on the road again.

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