The Funding Cliff is fixed!!!

After prayers, telephone calls, and letters of support; we are proud to announce that members of congress have passed a funding bill to keep community health centers (like Covenant Community Care) operated for the next two years. Included in the federal budget, is a funding bill of $7.8 Billion dollars with an additional $600 million dollars that adds support and addresses unmet medical needs in communities across the country.

Community health centers, play a critical role in providing medical care and support in over 10,000 communities across the country. Covenant plans on providing over 20,000 patients with medical, vision, dental, and behavioral health care this year. The additional funds given to us by the federal government, will continue our mission of “showing and sharing the love of God as seen in the good news of Jesus Christ by providing integrated and affordable health care to those that need it most.”

We’d like to thank the countless patients, co-workers, and supporters who took time to contact their government officials, write letters of support, or voice their concerns on social media. Your advocacy is what led to this bill becoming a reality.

God bless you and let’s continue the mission!

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