Q&A w/ Mia Ruiz

Covenant Spotlight

Mia Ruiz, Recovery Center, Office Assistant

  1. Tell us about yourself.
    I’m 37 years old, mother of three amazing kids, Yeshua 11, Citlali 10 and Yeudel 8. They are my heaven sent treasures. I seldom watch movies but when I do, I enjoy watching Disney and purposeful movies – I have a special love for art, painting, and photography.
  2. Fun fact about you! 
    I’ve worked in multiple departments at CCC starting in 2007 at the WGB location. I was medical receptionist and had the opportunity on June 19, 2009 to help out during the hosting of “Access to Care: Free Braces” event at UDM’s Department of Orthodontics, in conjunction with CCC’s Dental clinic and Henry Ford School-Based & Community programs. Shortly after that I transferred to the dental reception for a couple of years until Paul Propson opened the call center where I also worked for a couple years. Around 2014 or 2015, I transferred to Medicaid Enrollment and later received my certification as a Marketplace Application Assister. By this time, my department was located on Michigan Ave’s Wellness Building, at the annex. Currently, I am still at the annex, however I am now the receptionist for yet another greatly and needed department for our communities; the Recovery Center. Aside from my love to work at CCC, my passion is photography. I am that one crazy person taking portrait, candid and all kinds of shots at any family/friends event or “just because”. I currently manage social media on a friend’s local business and absolutely love it.
  3. What were you doing before Covenant Community Care?
    Right before I started working at Covenant Community Care, I had just returned home to Detroit from Mexico after my marriage engagement was broken along with my heart. I was depressed yet very hopeful to get back on my feet to start working to help my parents who were facing foreclosure of our home (Thank God, our house was saved!).
  4. How did you get connected with Covenant Community Care and/or find out about the job?
    My connection to Covenant Community Care began in 2006 through, Wendy Veopaseuth, a former Medical Assistant who at the time was a volunteer at CCC and mother of my high school best friend. She knew my troubles at the time and she asked how would I like to work in a place where I could see God at work? I didn’t hesitate to accept – she talked to Ginny Parker about the possibility of interviewing me for the medical reception position, that Lety would soon be leaving, and sure enough I was called in for an interview in Dec of 2016. I was later informed I was hired and was scheduled to start on Jan 2, 2007!
  5. How long you have been working at Covenant Community Care?
    As of Jan 2, 2020, I’ve been working at CCC for 13 years!
  6. What is it that keeps you working at Covenant Community Care?
    When I started working at CCC, we saw patients who were uninsured, didn’t charge for visits, labs or medications!  That impacted me in such a way that I developed a vision of being a part of it for at least 10 years. CCC is an amazing place to work in and volunteer as well. I’ve seen medical students passing by for their residency and later returning to provide care as staff!  I’ve also been blessed to work under the leadership of awesome supervisors/managers: Ginny Parker, Maria Aloyo, Sharon Gray, Jeff and Sara Hunt, Brittenee Simpson and Anna Licavoli.  It has now been almost 13 years and I’m still here because although we became an FQHC, our organization never lost touch on the bigger picture, this is God’s work, and we all are God’s instruments in a symphony of healing, sharing, and growing in his love and grace in communities where it is needed.

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