COVID-19: Dental Care Update by Dr. Lynn Eickholt, Chief Dental Officer

“During this unprecedented time of a global pandemic, the dental team has adjusted to a new way of providing care at Covenant Community Care. On March 18th, an executive order was given by Governor Whitmer to postpone all elective dental care until April 30th with the potential for an extension. The order restricts dental care to emergent or urgent needs only. We are limited to providing procedures to patients who are in pain due to swelling, infection, or broken teeth.  The reason for the dental mandate is to limit dental aerosols that are generated while providing care with a dental drill or teeth cleaning due to the infectious nature of the Coronavirus found in aerosol droplets.

On March 30th, the decision was made to close all clinics to in-patient care except for Michigan Ave which will remain open and provide emergency dental care. Due to the executive order and closure of clinics, most of the dental staff was placed on a furlough until the clinics can re-open. We are operating Michigan Ave with a skeleton crew of two dentists, two receptionists, one dental assistant, our mobile manager (Kara Bond) working as a dental assistant, and two clinic managers helping to cover the front desk.

Everyone has pitched in to keep the clinic running and many are doing tasks not normally assigned to them.

I am so proud of our dental team! They are playing an important role to help mitigate patients utilizing the emergency room for dental pain during this pandemic. The patients we are treating are true dental emergencies with pain and/or swelling. The dentists have done an outstanding job alleviating the pain of our patients and keeping them out of the overburdened hospital systems. I am honored to be serving alongside this amazing team!”

Dr. Lynn Eickholt, Chief Dental Officer at Covenant Community Care

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