Check. Change. Control. – Empowering Patients with Hypertension

“Since the beginning of this year, Covenant has been working on collaborating with the American Heart Association and MPRO on an initiative, the Check, Change, Control program, along with several other FQHCs across the state to provide resources and education to our patients with the goal of better blood pressure control.  As with many things this year, COVID-19 changed the structure of the program and how it was implemented at Covenant, but we have persevered. The program was ultimately implemented at our Westland Clinic and we have been thrilled at the feedback thus far from patients. As part of the program, patient’s receive a home blood pressure machine as well as monthly fresh fruits and vegetables delivered to their door.  The program also offers various educational sessions to patients throughout the 4 month run of the program.  The sessions, initially intended to be offered in person, are now being offered over Zoom either by computer or telephone.  Each of the 4 different sessions are offered twice throughout the 4 month run in English as well as once in Arabic and Spanish. Topics covered include healthy diet and exercise specific to cardiovascular health, and sessions are led by a nutritionist, a chef, and a personal trainer.  In addition to registering with the AHA for the program, patients are encouraged to create an account with the Check, Change, Control tracker where they can log the blood pressures that they have been measuring at home throughout the program.  Through the difficulties of COVID and transitioning to a more virtual program we have been enrolling patients and for the last 6 weeks we have been handing out blood pressure cuffs as people have stopped by for a pick-up or come back into the office for their first non-virtual visit since February/March.  Patients have already started receiving their fruit and vegetable delivery and have been very excited about the educational programming being offered.  By the end of the program, we hope to see if not better blood pressure control then patient participants who are more aware of their own health and are able to advocate for themselves by being more knowledgeable about their own chronic condition.”

Jeffrey Ghioto, DO Medical Director Westland Clinic

Elizabeth Hubbell, DO 3rd Year Family Medicine Resident, Authority Health

Sage Davis DNP, NP-C Clinical Quality Director/FNP

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