Q&A w/ Mitzi Cardona

Covenant Spotlight

Mitzi Cardona

Board Director

1. Tell us about yourself.

My name is Mitzi Cardona, I have had the privilege of being married to my high school sweetheart for 22 years. I am a mom to two amazing kids that keep me on my toes. I love to go on walks and just admire the beautiful work our heavenly creator has spoken into existence.  

2. Fun fact about you!

I left the beautiful warm Island of Puerto Rico 20 years ago to move to Michigan but wouldn’t trade MI for any other place. Yes, I wouldn’t trade our four seasons for hot sunny Puerto Rico! I often refer to MI as my home.  

3. What were you doing before you were on the Board at Covenant Community Care?

I love serving and helping others in the community, from volunteering at food banks, church initiatives, community based organizations to schools. God has given me the privilege of being the voice of the community, so I advocate, empower and encourage others to build a cultural of health within their communities. To create an environment that will be safe, healthy and empowering for our children and further generations.

4. How did you get connected with Covenant Community Care and/or find out about it?

I got connected to Covenant about 10 years ago through the previous CEO Paul. I worked at American Cancer Society and wanted to educated our community on the importance of Cancer Prevention and early detection. He open the doors of Covenant and partnered with me on this life saving mission. Together in six months we were able to get over 1700 women educated and screened. It was really impressive and so rewarding. Covenant has always been a one stop shop, where they address your mental, physical, spiritual and health needs. Their team goes above and beyond to ensure their patients are heard, taken care off and loved. They show compassion and demonstrate GOD’s love in all they do.

5. How long have you been on the Board at Covenant Community Care?

I have been a board member for the last 2 years.

6. What is it that keeps you on the Board at Covenant Community Care?

Our Mission is a relentless force that brings healing, hope and restoration to all who need it.  God is the center and therefore his love is shared with everyone that comes to Covenant.

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