Q&A w/ Robby Rogers

Covenant Spotlight

Robby Rogers

IT Technician

1. Tell us about yourself.

Favorite movie is Good Fellas. Hobbies include hanging out with friends, exercising, and disc golfing.

2. Fun fact about you!

I’ve never broken a bone.

3. What were you doing before working at Covenant Community Care?

I was working at a call center for a high fashion brand and serving at a brewery.

4. How did you get connected with Covenant Community Care and/or find out about it?

I found out about BPI/Covenant Community Care through Indeed.

5. How long have you been working at Covenant Community Care?

I have been working BPI/Covenant Community Care for about two months now.

6. What is it about Covenant Community Care that keeps you here?

The hands-on experience and friendly people that have been extremely welcoming and easy to work with has kept me around.

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